Productivity Media is a late stage, senior lender to film and television productions, providing Senior Secured debt to film and television production. We provide innovative, short-term financing for quality projects serving Canadian and International producers. In 2012, Productivity Media brought together a team that has extensive experience in financing, production, and sales in both film and television.

William Santor, CEO

William G. Santor is the founder of Productivity Media Inc., a producer and financier to late-stage film and television productions. He is a member of the Investment and Valuation Committees and is responsible for firm decision making within management, operations, investment origination and investor relations; and overusing the performance of external service providers.

Under Mr. Santor’s leadership, the company has established strong relationships with major studios, talent representatives and financial institutions. In 2012, the firm created the Productivity Media Income Fund (PMIF I, LP) followed by Qwest Productivity Media Income Trust (QPMIT). The company also has over 11 film projects in development and has produced more than 30 quality projects.

As an accomplished venture advisor and entrepreneur, he brings almost two decades of investment structuring and management expertise. From 2006 to the present, Mr. Santor is also the co-founder and president of Prosapia Wealth Management, a firm dedicated to asset allocation, wealth transfer and the creation of prudent wealth building strategies for families to plan for multiple generations.

It was through his work at Prosapia Wealth Management that he discovered the untapped opportunities in new media finance, predominantly film and television. For his wealth management clients, he has grown both their income and capital appreciation within media finance in Canada, USA and the UK.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Santor held a variety of executive roles with Tristar Film Finance and Media House Capital as mid-stage project investor to structurer of debt and equity participation interests. In 2010, he was involved in the formation of MediaHouse Capital where he directed investment capital and structured the fund offering that participated in financing and production of four feature films: Daydream Nation, Janie Jones, I Melt with You, and Paradox. For all four projects he was also lead investor.

Andrew Chang-Sang, President

Andrew Chang-Sang is the President of Productivity Media Inc. and has served in this capacity since inception. Working alongside the CEO, he is responsible for the establishment of the strategic vision of the organization and achievement of that vision. Mr. Chang-Sang oversees the entire operation of the organization, responsible for all facets of the business including the Company’s expansion into the EMEA market.

John Hills, COO

John Hills is the Chief Operating Officer of Productivity Media Inc. He oversees day-to-day operational controls and investor relations and has been in this role since inception in 2012.